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Horses and Ponies at Liberty Tree Farm
Most of our horses and ponies have more than one
job. We ride them for pleasure and take them to
horse shows, but we also use them in our lesson
program and for partial leases. Some of our
boarders also make their horses available for
lessons or leasing. Students pay a horse-rental fee
for each lesson. A
partial lease allows a student to
have additional practice rides between lessons.
The Ponies
AJ is a 14.1 hand Welsh Arabian cross
pony. AJ is a horse show veteran and
jumps 2'3" courses. He is a kind and
willing partner.
Tower Hill's UK, "Gile Mar" is a 14.1
hand Connemara gelding. "Gile Mar" is
a Gaelic name that means "Shinning
Brightness" or "Dashing Darling" and
this describes him perfectly.
Just In Time, "Justin" is a 21 year old 13.2 hand Welsh cross pony. He
has a big personality and wants to know what is happening all the time.
In addition to working in the ring, Justin is a wonderful trail pony. He
loves to bond with a special someone.
GlanNant Yellow
Brick Road
, "Yellow
Brick" is a 12.1 hand
Welsh pony. She was
Grand National
Champion Welsh Pony
in 1992. Bricker is the
perfect pony who has
taught countless
children how to ride.
She is eager to meet
her next student.
The Horses
Pine Bar Gremlin, "Andy", is a
16 hand, 19 year old Quarter
Horse with lots of experience. He
helped his previous owner to win
"Rookie of the Year" at
Congress. Andy goes Western
and English, does training level
dressage, and is great on trails.
If you want a calm, steady guy
who will take care of you, Andy is
the horse for you.
Starlit Moon, "Star",
is a 16 hand Shire
and Thoroughbred
cross mare. Her
smooth trot and
rocking horse canter
are very easy to sit.
She is a very willing
jumper and has done
well in dressage and
cross country.
Willow Breeze JAC, "Will",
is a 13 year old, 16.2 hand
Quarter Horse. He goes
Western and English, jumps
2'3" and does training level
dressage. He is excellent on
trails and even rides
through Acton on Patriots'
Day. Will is like a big friendly
dog and he's handsome to
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