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Our Farm Is Old But Our Barns Are New
When we bought the Liberty Tree House in 1991, we
thought someday we might have a working barn.
After all, we had 21 acres, though mostly woods and
swamp, and the place had been a farm before.
There was even an old barn here, circa 1800, but
the ground floor was converted to a dining room for
the catering business that the Whites had run for
many years. We initially planned to connect the old
barn to the house, and to finish the space for things
the main house lacked, like guest bedrooms and a
garage. In the end we took the old barn down and
used its boards and timbers to build the Carriage
In 1997, we began to make plans to build a new barn. It would
have four stalls, two for us and two for our sister, who lives just
down the road. Then it grew, until we finally built 15 stalls and
an indoor arena, which we opened in December 1998.
At the same time, we built
a second building for
David's tractor and
sawmill, and called it the
Tractor Barn. Now it
holds four more stalls
and we call it the Pony
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