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Acton's Liberty Tree was an American Elm
that stood in our yard from the early 1700s
until about 1925. Like other Liberty Trees
around greater Boston, it was a rallying point
for the Minutemen before and during the
Revolutionary War. Before the War, our
house was known as the Simon Hunt home,
but ever since it has been called the Liberty
Tree House. In 1915, the schoolchildren of
Acton planted the Norway Maple that stands
on the North side of the house. With World
War I in mind, they named it the Peace Tree.
Keeping up the tradition, we planted a London Plane Tree on
the Southwest side of the house, near the spot where the
Liberty Tree had been. Acton schoolchildren again helped with
the planting ceremony. We call this tree the Freedom Tree,
and it was planted the same week that Apartheid was ended in
South Africa.
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